Optimizing Performance with Frequent
Server Replacements for Enterprises

Servers are the backbone of modern IT infrastructure. They support the computational requirements of the entire application portfolio of an enterprise organization. However, their life span is finite. A new generation of servers performs much better than its predecessors.

Still, is this outperformance worth it?

Most IT leaders acknowledge that infrastructure consisting of older servers requires more care and attention, but they believe that they can:

  1. Delay server replacements to reduce cost
  2. Rely on server virtualization technologies and oversubscribe existing server infrastructure for tackling short- and medium-term requirements for existing applications
  3. Shift on-premises spending to public cloud infrastructureas a service for provisioning new applications, without examining the long-term implications of inter-application dependencies

As businesses digitize themselves, seek long-term resiliency for their current business models, and explore new revenue-generation opportunities, server infrastructure shifts from a cost to an asset. In other words, it generates tangible return on its use. Replacing servers ensures that infrastructure is tailored to current application requirements. As business needs change, so do application needs. By proactively replacing each server at the optimized time, IT can better maximize the value it delivers for the business and reduce costs.

Download this whitepaper to understand how maintaining a modern server infrastructure is becoming a critical success factor for enterprises in most industries.

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