MAKING THE GRADE : End-to-End Security in Education

With the perfect blend of endpoint, network, and physical security, Cisco Meraki helps enable a safer environment for schools, universities, and the surrounding community. While having the necessary network security measures in place is crucial, ensuring that students and staff know how to recognize security threats and respond is just as important.

Smart boards, online lectures, real-time productivity applications, video platforms, 1:1 device programs, smart speakers — all of these technologies have enabled instructors to personalize lessons, standardize test-taking, and increase collaboration between students.

IT teams are deploying and managing more sophisticated wired and wireless networks, without an increase in budget or resources. As more technology is introduced into schools, so are more security risks and vulnerabilities. It’s no longer just about keeping the network secure, which is challenging enough on its own, but it’s also becoming a requirement to protect end-user devices and help ensure the physical safety of students and staff.

Download this whitepaper on how Cisco Meraki helps IT teams quickly recognize that technology not only has an immense impact on student outcomes, but also can dramatically alter the security landscape.

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