Deliver new services faster with the Meraki platform

The Meraki platform helps you push the boundaries of what's possible.

Learn how our platform, with open APIs, allows you to integrate with third-party technologies or create your own custom solution to achieve a more connected and secure campus with less effort.

Meraki’s broad ecosystem of partners enables you to quickly meet your need for new services, such as applications that allow students to securely and rapidly enroll and manage their devices on your network even before they step on campus.

Featured ecosystem partners for higher education:

Splash Access: SplashAccess has created new social distance solutions that can be deployed quickly to help manage and keep staff and students secure.

Analytiks Occupancy: Schools can rely on Cisco Meraki Smart Cameras and Analytiks Live solutions to comply with the new security measures and ensure the safety of their employees and customers. Analytiks Occupancy is a Real-time location occupancy solution to enforce social distancing measures by monitoring & managing incoming student traffic with digital displays, online & mobile dashboards.

Degree Analytics: Calculate hundreds of student behavioral metrics through the wireless network by combining network data with data from the university's Student Information System (SIS) and analyzing the data from a student perspective, not a hardware or space perspective.

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