Enhancing the Student Experience through High-Performance Wi-Fi And Advanced Analytics

To meet the wireless connectivity needs across its entire campus, VCU selected the Cisco Meraki cloud-based wireless solution.

Highlights of the case study:

  • Deploying Meraki access points and smart cameras, powered by the cloud platform, to elevate the student and staff experience across two campuses

  • Greatly reducing wireless troubleshooting time, which peaked at 60% of time spent

  • Using a technology partner from the Meraki Marketplace ecosystem to create an “at-home” experience for students to easily and securely enroll IoT devices in their dorms. Making the switch to the Cisco Meraki cloud-based wireless solution was a major project for VCU that involved replacing all access points across VCU’s 150+ buildings. Despite the scope of the project, combining the ease of configuration and implementation with Meraki, and with close collaboration between Meraki and their preferred partner, VCU was able to complete the implementation in six months—twice as fast as planned. The Meraki cloud-based solution—comprising connectivity products, IoT devices, and a platform with an ecosystem of partners—will enable users to provide the best possible service to their diverse user community.

Download this whitepaper to understand how VCU was able to leverage data from Meraki access points during the global pandemic to understand movement and density patterns of students in dorms and elsewhere on campus to ensure they were adhering to social distancing guidelines.

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