Five Critical Third-Party Risks You Need to Monitor

You spend a lot of time, resources, and money to protect your organization. But how much time do you spend thinking about your vendors' and partners’ security posture? Any potential flaw in their defense could expose your organization to significant risk.

A threat actor who compromises one of your third-party partners has the potential to attack your information systems, steal your sensitive information system, and disrupt your business. So, what can you do about this?

An active third-party management program is the best way to stay proactive and protect your business from an outside threat. To properly protect your organization you also need to be aware of the type of attacks typically associated with third-party risk.

Read our latest eBook and learn more about:

  • The benefits of third-party risk management
  • How threat actors use third parties to gain access to critical systems
  • Real examples of these types of attacks
  • Protection and mitigation strategies you can start using today

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