Build a workforce ready to respond to change with talent mobility

Are you agile and ready for the future?

Although many organizations tried their best to quickly adapt to the challenging situation brought by COVID-19, only 27% of HR leaders say they are managing their workforce during the pandemic extremely well.

Nobody could have predicted the pandemic, or the extent of its disruption, but the crisis shows that organizations need to always have a plan in place to quickly adapt to changes in business demand or workforce shifts – whether this means redeploying and/or reskilling employees to busier areas of the business, taking other actions to avoid layoffs, or offering outplacement services to impacted employees.

How can you future-proof your workforce and build an agile HR strategy to thrive in times of uncertainty?

Get this white paper, co-authored by Randstad RiseSmart and Human Capital Institute, to find out why a talent mobility strategy can help you achieve workforce agility. Build a future-ready workforce to generate greater growth, increased productivity, and profitability for your organization, while meeting business demands during any workforce changes.



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