Randstad RiseSmart presents Skilling Today - a global survey

The state of skilling: where do you stand?

Among organizations and individuals who are actively involved in upskilling and reskilling, what are the trends, gaps and areas for improvement? How are your peers addressing the skills gap and how can you achieve the adaptability you need to succeed? For “Skilling Today, a Global Survey”, Randstad RiseSmart surveyed over 2,200 organizations and individuals globally to get answers.

According to our Skilling Today report, 80% of enterprise companies view adapting to new challenges in today’s business environment as a must-have. And 55% of employees said they wanted to learn new skills or upgrade existing ones.

Download your copy now by completing the form, to get insights into how effective and efficient companies of all sizes, as well as individuals, have been in addressing the skills gap, as well as the areas for improvement.



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