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How to work with a managed services provider (MSP)

Find out how MSP can address the pain points in your flexible talent strategy, enhance workforce agility and drive business impact

With the economic upheaval from COVID-19 reshaping today’s labor markets and workplaces, it is expected that temporary workers will be integral to powering the recovery. In fact, Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) upped its growth projections for 2021, with a 12% increase in spending on contingent talent.

With that much growth in play, we can also predict that more organizations will begin implementing managed services programs (MSP) to optimize the use of contingent workers.

If your company is going to be one of the many that enter into a new MSP agreement — or if your company is seeking to gain greater value from your existing MSP — you’ll need to develop a strong and collaborative relationship with your managed service provider. You must not only share common goals, but also build trust to help the program continuously evolve and overcome unforeseen challenges.

Learn how to build the most effective MSP partnership to maximize the value of your program.

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