Integrated MSP: what you might not know and how it can help your organization.

Elevate the performance of your contingent workforce.

Workforce agility and flexibility are now, more than ever, the key to your organization’s success in a highly dynamic business environment. But are you equipped with a well-resourced contingent workforce that can support your company’s ambitions?

In this Q&A, discover the seven commonly asked questions and answers around integrated MSP. Learn from Randstad Sourceright’s Executive Vice President of integrated MSP, Alp Perahya, how an integrated MSP can drive value, what are the tangible benefits of an integrated MSP versus a traditional MSP and more.

As your organization faces greater challenges in an evolving world of work, the need for efficient, rapid and cost-effective access to high-quality talent is more urgent than ever before, and an integrated MSP can accelerate your path to workforce agility



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