Global company launches new operations with project-based recruitment solutions.

Are you looking for additional recruiting resources to support new business or product launches? How will you meet the hiring needs for niche roles?

Do you need to hire a large number of roles in a short period of time to keep up with customer demand or support a new business initiative? How will you hire the right people quickly while remaining agile?

A global media and entertainment leader had to hire a range of niche talent to build teams to launch new operations in various locations. Find out how the company filled the roles on time with the best talent to meet launch deadlines with project recruitment process outsourcing (project RPO):

  • 250 creative talent across six countries in three regions were hired on schedule to support the launches, including 136 hires in the U.K. filled in just six months despite the impact of the global pandemic.

  • talent communities were built to manage referrals and engage talent for future roles.

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