IDC: Enabling Database Excellence: Moving the Database to Managed Services

For decades, databases have been managed manually through fixed compute and storage resources acquired for fixed periods and maintained by the data center staff. But in recent years, a better alternative has arisen - moving workloads to managed database services in the cloud.

In this IDC White Paper, sponsored by Amazon Web Services, Enabling Database Excellence: Moving the Database to Managed Services, IDC database analyst Carl Olofson examines the challenges of manually managing databases, considers the benefits of moving to a managed cloud database service, and provides actionable advice on how to proceed.

In this IDC whitepaper, you will:

  • Learn how manually managing databases increases the risk of human error, prevents data center staff from focusing on the needs of the business, and leads to higher costs due to an over-provisioning of resources.
  • Understand how to compare the costs associated with manually managed databases with the costs of subscribing to a managed cloud database service.
  • Learn the benefits of managed cloud database services, including the ability to scale as needed without upfront costs, only paying for what you use, greater organizational agility thanks to dynamic provisioning of resources, and freeing up IT staff to work on higher-value tasks and innovation.
  • Learn how to evaluate whether a move to a managed cloud database service is the right decision for your organization.

Download the whitepaper

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