Automation in Corporate Action Process through Digitalization

Providing Corporate actions solutions is quite a challenging business. The market is full of fragmented systems; there is the complexity of announcements to deal with risk factors, and lack of scalability.

The magnitude of manual activities and inefficiencies in Corporate actions hinder the organization’s goal to create an enterprise-wide digital transformation. For e.g., as Corporate actions restructure the beneficiary’s underlying securities position, they often result in a cash payout, the issue of rights, subscriptions, etc. followed by a magnitude of transactions.

Learn How to Automate Corporate Action Process through Digitalization

The Automation of Corporate Action (CA) processes ensure re-examination of the current lifecycle in its entirety. Hexaware applies value stream mapping to identify potential areas for digitalization within traditional Corporate Actions. Some value adds of Hexaware’s digital intervention in CA are:

  • Machine Learning to match and integrate unstructured data with the event creation process
  • Automating Equity Research to reduce manual data verification time
  • Intuitive ChatBots to answer live customer queries
  • Predicting the customer’s likely response and automating CA notifications

Hexaware's recommended approach is to ensure digital investments are focused on areas that will help in reducing operating costs, enable faster response to market and address client needs.

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