Digital Transformation in Banking - The only way forward post-Covid era

Learn about 5 key benefits from Digital transformation for banks

All sectors including banking & capital markets have been severely hit by the unanticipated pandemic. Social distancing and mitigation strategies have greatly limited physical access to Banks & FIs forcing customers to turn to digital. Gen-Xers and even baby boomers have been forced to explore online banking via their desktop/laptops or through their mobile apps. Soon, as the pandemic abates, more people would have experienced the convenience of digital banking, leading to increased adoption in the post-Covid era.

Read this compelling story as it is intended to provide you with an insight on how Hexaware has helped a banking powerhouse with over $300 billion in financial assets under management and some of the world’s wealthiest clients with digital transformation.

The primary benefits from Hexaware's digital transformation in banking are-

  • Faster time-to-market and increased automation resulting in efforts saving of over 47%
  • Reduction in the testing cycle by 39%
  • A single touch deployment of code in SIT/UAT environment that enabled 78% reduction in deployment issues in testing
  • The mobile app achieved a Usability Measurement Index (UMI) score of >99%, indicating excellent user experience
  • Efficiency savings to the tune of 30% cost and more