Autonomous Operations: How to Intelligently Automate and Scale IT Operations at Global Enterprises

Digital transformation is critical for any enterprise that wants to win in today’s market. These add complexity and scale that compound the already heavy burden on IT Operations, which in turn increases the risk of painful IT disruptions. Service outages, lost revenue, angry customers and runaway costs put at risk the very technology-enabled innovations meant to keep your enterprise competitive.

The current generation of automation technologies – based on static rules and largely built by hand -are not a fit for modern, and complex IT environments. It’s time for the next generation of automation.Powered by advances in machine learning and big data analytics, Autonomous Operations enables enterprises to intelligently automate and scale IT incident management. It enables Operations to keep up with the rapid pace of IT change. IT Ops stops being a bottleneck to become an enabler of digital transformation.

Download this report to learn:

  • How Legacy Automation is a Bottleneck
  • What Autonomous Operations means
  • what an AO Maturity Model looks like



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